Services We Provide

Exam Room

Comprehensive Eye Examination
Eye examinations are much more than vision tests. Many ocular pathologies are silent thieves of sight and health, including glaucoma, high blood pressure, tumors, and diabetes. We often say that the worst patients are the ones that see well, as they assume that all is well. Medicine can make you a new hip, knee, even a heart - but not an eye. Wear a blindfold for ten minutes, and you will appreciate your vision forever.

We want to give you the most thorough and personalized eye examination possible, from tracking vision changes to caring for the health of your eyes inside and out. Our office combines state-of-the-art equipment with a knowledgeable staff and ample face time with the doctor to make sure all of your needs and concerns are addressed. can educate you about treatment for dry eyes and eye strain, and the importance of eye examinations.

Contact Lens Fitting and Evaluation
Whether you're a contact lens pro or trying them for the very first time, part of your examination for contact lenses will include the fitting and evaluation. Contact lenses are fit in tenths of a millimeter. Too loose of a contact lens chafes the eye, and too tight cuts off oxygen to the eye. These problems are seldom noticed immediately, so your eyes must be evaluated annually to ensure proper health and fit.

Retinal Imaging
An important part of our eye examination process is the use of retinal imaging, an alternate method to dilation that gives Dr. Thomas a view of the interior surface of the eyes. This allows him to check the health of the optic nerve head, macula, retina, and surrounding tissue for conditions such as retinal detachments, leaking blood vessels, holes, diabetes, age-related macular degeneration, and more. For you, the effects are much more minimal than with dilation - there is no need for sunglasses or reduction of near to mid-range focusing ability. Also, unlike with dilation, retinal imaging gives the doctor a permanent baseline for comparison with future eye examinations.

Office Visit
Eye care professionals are not only here for eye examinations. Dr. Thomas is trained to treat a wide variety of eye health issues, including (but not limited to) ocular allergies, styes, and various types of infections. If you are experiencing any abnormal issues or symptoms with your eyes, please call our office immediately for an appointment.

LASIK Consultation
Have you been considering LASIK? Equipment used in LASIK procedures has become so much better than it used to be, leading to more people being likely candidates. Dr. Thomas can help you determine if LASIK is right for you.

Cataract Surgery Consultation
As you get older, you may develop cataracts in one or both eyes, and as they progress, it may be prudent to consider having them surgically removed. New technological advancements give the option of bifocal or multifocal lens implants, which takes away the need for reading glasses. Dr. Thomas is able to help you determine when it is time to have cataract surgery.